Monday, November 1, 2010

Amazing Project by Arq. Joana Barros

This project was develop by the architect Joana Barros that shows a structure in the water as great example of how to embrace good architectural ideas with function of the space. During the winter the water flows into the structure allowing the bound between the builiding and the landscape. When crosing and living the spaces of the structure you are constantly hearing the diferents flows of the water that run and produce sound a exciting ritms. At the same time, this eco structure uses the water has a energy resource that helps the environment which brings architecture to another level of self sustainable.
Besides that When the river is dry, the spaces that were underwater gain a new function as living spaces, such as an exterior auditorium and ramps that are used for sports activities. This creativity embraces new ways of using architecture in a urban scale with environmental concerns and producing great living experiences that reveals the great potencial of this intervention in the future of architecture all over the world.